Cuphead Trailer

Cuphead, made by the two brothers of studio MDHR, is a video game love letter to classic Disney 1930’s cartoons. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this game for its unique art style, and according to Polygon its looks can be deceiving, as it’s a very difficult platformer. The game is apparently a sequence of boss battles without much platforming in between, but each boss is highly stylized and memorable. This trailer debuted at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. I know I’m sold!

Tacoma Trailer

I’m a big fan of first-person experience games, and this one looks really intriguing. It’s being developed by Fullbright, the studio that made Gone Home. I didn’t really enjoy Gone Home that much to be honest, as the story and gameplay didn’t do anything for me, but I think I could get into this one.

Sea of Thieves Trailer

From the developers at Rare, this looks like an open-world, multiplayer seafaring game, where you can sail across the seas, engage in battles with other ships, and discover treasure. I thought they were going to show Yooka-Laylee, but this is really cool too!

Minecraft on Microsoft HoloLens Demonstration

All I can say is…WOW. This is freaking awesome. Now it makes sense why Microsoft bought Mojang–it works so well with HoloLens. The part where the world materialized on the table blew me away.

Fable Legends Announced

I’m excited for this. I loved Fable 2–I was probably one of the few people who actually enjoyed the repetitive jobs. (I was an excellent bartender.) If it ends up being as good as past games, I just might have to get an Xbox One. (gasp)