Nintendo E3 Digital Event Underwhelms

You can watch the whole thing below:

I guess I wasn’t really expecting much, given how Nintendo’s previous digital events have gone, but I expected something. Microsoft, Sony, and all the other companies’ press events were really exciting, showing off upcoming games that I would really like to get my hands on. I expected Nintendo to show at least one or two games I really wanted, like the new Wii U Star Fox or Zelda games. I got one of those at least, but frankly I was disappointed by it. The visuals were sub-par, and the gameplay looked almost identical to Star Fox 64. They kept saying how it was radically different because of all the new controls and how you have to use the gamepad’s gyroscope to aim, but I actually see that as more of a hindrance than a benefit. I’m not a fan of motion control to begin with, and I definitely don’t want to have to constantly look back and forth between the gamepad and the TV, while aiming the gamepad around like a lunatic. It seems cumbersome, and in a gameplay video I watched as even a Nintendo Treehouse employee seemed to have trouble.

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Little Inferno Review

Little Inferno may be the strangest game I have ever played. It is many things, and at the same time, nothing. It’s hard to explain. I don’t even think I had fun playing it, and yet I still enjoyed it. Or maybe appreciate is the better word for it. It is definitely an art game, and difficult to recommend. If you’re looking for something distinctly game-y, like Tomorrow Corporation’s previous work (World of Goo), you will be disappointed. If however you are not looking for anything, you need to play this game.  Continue reading Little Inferno Review

Wii U Price Drops $50

Wii U Deluxe Zelda Wind Waker HD Bundle
Wii U Deluxe Zelda Wind Waker HD Bundle (via IGN)

Nintendo has confirmed that starting on September 20, alongside the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, the Wii U Deluxe will drop to $299. Nintendo also has a bundle prepared that contains a Wii U Deluxe, Zelda Wind Waker HD, and a free digital copy of Hyrule Historia. (I have the physical book, it’s awesome.) The gamepad is also Zelda-themed. If I weren’t leaving for Japan on September 15, I would buy this in a heartbeat. I really hope this will still be around next year…

New Pokemon Game for Wii U?

Footage of a possible new Pokemon game
Footage of a brief tease of a possible new Pokemon game shown at Pokemon Game Show in Japan.

As much as I’d love a new Pokemon Stadium-like game, I really hope this is an RPG. I loved Colosseum and XD.

Everything From Today’s Nintendo Direct – IGN

  • New Yoshi’s Island for 3DS
  • Earthbound is coming to Virtual Console
  • Pikmin 3 coming on August 4


Everything From Today’s Nintendo Direct – IGN