Dragon Age: Inquisition Review – Here There Be Greatness

At the rate I’m going, I should probably just call my blog Slowpoke Reviews. I’ve finally gotten around to finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition, the fantastic “new” entry in the Dragon Age series from Bioware. The game released in 2014 to critical acclaim, including numerous Game of the Year awards–in fact, my copy was the “Game of the Year edition,” which included all of the DLC.

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Inside Review: Beautiful Nightmare

Every once in a while, a game comes along that leaves you stunned, satisfied, yet full of questions. Limbo and Braid are both examples of this type of game, and I’m happy to report that the newest game from developer Playdead, Inside, joins their ranks and in fact exceeds even the heights that they reached.

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Below: GDC Trailer

You gotta see this new trailer for Below. And turn your volume waaay up. If this isn’t the most epic thing you’ve seen all day…well, then you live a more exciting life than I.

Below is a “brutal but fair” rogue-like made by Capy Games, coming to Xbox One and Steam this summer.

Below: My New Most Anticipated Xbox Game

Before IGN started doing more in-depth articles and videos about the game Below, I didn’t know much about it. I’d remembered seeing a trailer at E3 and being intrigued by the moody atmosphere and Zelda-like gameplay, but after that I had mostly forgotten about it. This month, IGN is featuring Below as their IGN First Game of the Month, and have been showcasing various aspects of the game. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The first thing you’ll notice is how isolating the game is. The camera is pulled way back, giving the island that you’re exploring a sense of scale, while at the same time making you feel small and alone. It is also very dark, and with a torch in hand you can only see a small area around you. This gives a sense of hopelessness and adds to the feeling of isolation. Not to mention Jim Guthrie is scoring the game, and his tunes sound quite haunting in the trailers.

Also, there’s perma-death, which means this game is going to be fairly brutal. But if Capybara (the studio making Below) is able to balance this with a sense of reward and progression–if I really feel like I do better with each failure rather than being stuck in the same place–perma-death could work to the game’s advantage. I have faith in the developer–they have a pretty good pedigree, having made both Sword & Sworcery EP and Super Time Force.

You can check out an overview video below.

Fable Legends Announced

I’m excited for this. I loved Fable 2–I was probably one of the few people who actually enjoyed the repetitive jobs. (I was an excellent bartender.) If it ends up being as good as past games, I just might have to get an Xbox One. (gasp)

Xbox One Revealed

Soo the next Xbox was revealed today, with a slew of information about it. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s called the Xbox One
  • Each one comes with Kinect, which is more accurate and responsive than the original
  • New controller, a sort of hybrid of the original and the 360 controllers
  • You can watch cable TV, and switch seamlessly between TV, movies, music, and games
  • 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, Blu-ray
  • No always-online (thank god)

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