The Witness: New Trailer, Release Date Announced

Hi everyone! Long time no see! Sorry for the hiatus, I just started a new job at Microsoft and moved to Seattle, so I haven’t really had time for blogging or playing video games. But rest assured, I have definitely been keeping up with gaming news, and I’m currently playing through The Last Story for Wii. [Insert Slowpoke meme here.] Expect a review soon!

Jonathan Blow, creator of indie darling Braid and the upcoming The Witness, just did an interview with Polygon about his new game, and if you’re a fan of his work or indie games or if you’re interested in good game design, it’s a must-read. He talks about how he takes an incredibly simple concept, solving a maze, and stretches it to its fullest potential, not afraid to make gamers get stuck along the way.

A new trailer also got quietly released yesterday, announcing the release date to be January 16, 2016. It looks absolutely gorgeous, even better than it looked in the E3 trailer. If this game is half as good as Braid, it’s going to be a must-play. I’m a big advocate for games as an art form, and The Witness looks like it’s going to be another point for games as art.

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